No business is too small to benefit from ISO certification.

ISO CentificationWhat would it mean to your company to fly the ISO flag?  Besides setting you apart from your competitors in a crowded field, you could:

♦ Open new opportunities for increased market share.
♦ Streamline bidding processes.
♦ Document your procedures to ensure and improve quality of your product/services.
♦ Reduce failures in your product/service.
♦ Continuously measure quality.
♦ Reduce waste from defects.
♦ Identify current practices that need revising.
♦ Reduce training time for new employees using updated, documented procedures.

With over 25 years of experience and a long list of satisfied ISO-certified companies, Dr. Edward S. Balian and Q-Stat can bring ISO certification (or renewal) to your organization. At a manageable cost to your organization, we offer complete consulting services for all aspects of ISO certification.

 We assist you in all 20 sections of ISO including:

EngineersTraining♦ On-site staff training in quality systems
♦ Process Control
♦ Document Control
♦ Standard Operating Procedures
♦ Work Instructions
♦ Tests and Quality Measurement
♦ Supplier Evaluation and Metrics
♦ Customer Satisfaction Metrics
♦ Internal Auditing
♦ …and all the rest!

ISO Certification−isn’t it time?  Contact us today!