Quality Systems, Market Research, Focus Groups—What’s In It for You?

Q-Stat Can quality systems, market research, and focus groups really ramp up your revenues, increase your market share, improve your operations or help you launch a new product?  The answer is yes, and no organization is too large or too small to benefit!

Since 1977, Q-Stat Group has assisted over 80 companies, large and small from diversified industries both in the manufacturing and the service sectors. We can partner with your organization to:

  • Demystify the ISO process, provide essential quality systems training, and guide you as you gain ISO certification.
  • Conduct market research that will tell you what your clients/customers really think and want so you can improve your products/services for greater return.
  • Provide the essential data you need to launch a new product, tackle a new market, and position your product/service/company right in a crowded marketplace through professional, impartial focus groups.

VisionWhatever your vision, quality systems and market research are key, and the return on investment is high.  We offer free initial consultations to discuss your needs, and we can tailor our services to fit your budget, comfort level, and time frame. 

I’m Edward Balian, Founder and President of Q-Stat.  If you’re ready to up your game, we need to talk.  Contact me today by email or call 760.809.9778.